About Us

Established in May 2005 by both Mr. Alan Wong and Mr. M.H. Wong, Global-Tek (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a rising name in the dishwasher industry. Our line of products include a full range of commercial dishwashers, from under-counter glass to large scale flight type machines for aviation practices.

Having ventured into this industry for decades, Global-Tek possesses over 25 years of experiences as an outstanding manufacturer in dishwashing machines. Besides attaining NSF, CE, CSA, ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications, We also cater our services to various areas within North America and Southeast Asia through either direct supply or distributorship.

Global-Tek aims to provide the best equipment to perform the highest standards in sanitation and hygiene qualities. Additionally, all the designs place a strong emphasis on energy and water conservation as well as being user-friendly.

“We are dedicated to do our utmost in serving our valuable customers and welcome a long-term business relationship,” stated Mr. Alan Wong and Mr. M H Wong. Global-Tek is renowned for their excellent services and technicality expertise. Being a customer-centric establishment, we focus on developing and supporting their clients accordingly to their distinctive requirements. This in turn better refines their efficiency and productivity.

For example, our exercise flexibility in in-house manufactured machineries with easy access replaceable spare parts, which can be conveniently sourced and changed without a hitch. Along with our SUS 304 stainless steel construction in juncture with a well-built rinse motor for door type ranges of machine, it further enhances our products’ mechanisms.

The duo realized a favorable demand in this line of business, hence determined to pursue further in this particular industry by producing exceptionally sturdy and durable dishwashing machineries. Back then, we had a remarkable line of products originated from North America which was an inevitable sensation; as such equipment were usually originated from Europe. Therefore, Global-Tek decided to venture and initiated a brand new production in North Asia, by stepping into Asian market.

Due to this particular fact, it posed a challenge as clients tend to have poor impressions of products assembled in North Asia, specially from China. Undoubtedly, it took a great extent of persuasion and effort to shift their negative perception of its low-priced and substandard qualities.

In order to restore customers’ faith with Global-Tek dishwashing machines, the team worked exceptionally hard by producing top-notch machineries in a superb and substantially good mechanisms caliber. As a matter of fact, certain dishwashing prototypes from Global-Tek’s production line is in a much higher quality, as compared to European models such as fully stainless steel wash tank materials instead of plastic.

As the breadwinner of the family, both Alan & M. H. are driven to strive to the best potential, in order to achieve brand recognition. With positive acknowledgments and commendations, Global-Tek’s products and service deliverance are constantly at its peak. No doubt, this is certainly one of our proudest achievements throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

Offering advice to potential entrepreneurs, Alan mentioned that passion is the key ingredient to success. Alan expounded, “You must be enthusiastic about the job that you do, for it is your choice of business, after all.” Moreover, he elaborated on the essential capabilities needed, so as to be a successful entrepreneur; such as learning to adapt when unexpected situations arises.

Four years ago, with participation of Mr. Justin Chong, Global-Tek set up a branch in Malaysia, establishing their presence in the country. Subsequently, in early 2015, the team took a step forward to break into Indonesia market, possessing a branch office in the country as well. Global-Tek does not wish to stop just where they are now. Looking ahead, we have set our sight on starting another branch office in either Philippines or Thailand, as a form of expansion. With our ferocious tenacity and clear-headed visions for the company, Alan, M.H. & Justin as well as the team aim to lead Global-Tek into years of upcoming success.